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01 Nov 2016

Should you outsource your MSP help desk services?

The helpdesk and NOC (Network Operations Centre) are the bread and butter of Managed Service providers (MSPs) offerings. The importance of the IT helpdesk can often be overlooked by MSPs as they focus their time on delivering innovative and new technologies to acquire new business. The helpdesk however, handles some of the most critical customer interactions and a good helpdesk with strong customer relationships will equal customer retention. The decision as to whether to outsource this department is therefore a key business decision for MSPs.

Internal or Outsourced?

Some businesses may ask ‘Should I outsource my MSP helpdesk and NOC services?’ In turn, leaving your internal team to focus on delivering higher margin services or, are they better off in house where you can handpick the exact IT talent to reflect your brand and deliver services in exactly your way?

Outsourcing helpdesk and NOC services is becoming increasingly popular with MSPs both large and small for many reasons. The most prominent one being margin. Whether your end goal is to be acquired or you run your MSP as more of a lifestyle business, a healthy bottom line is imperative to success. Having an outsourced helpdesk keeps costs predictable, unlike an in-house helpdesk which can add unpredictability to your margin.

Selecting the Outsourced provider

Selecting your outsourced partner is key to success and the decision largely needs to be based on the type of clientele your MSP will target. Using a channel only provider immediately removes any concerns of being cut out of the loop by either customer or supplier at any point and also has price points that allow you to make good margin on your services. A channel provider that has offshore NOC or helpdesk facilities create cheaper price points, these fit with customers that want to keep IT costs to a minimum in exchange for a lower level of service. An offshore helpdesk often makes the building of relationships between the helpdesk and customer harder and may affect client retention.

Selecting a UK based channel only helpdesk may be slightly costlier than offshore but is the right choice if your customer base is looking for quality. The UK based technicians help create that customer/helpdesk relationship that results in retaining clients and longer recurring revenue.

Selecting the right outsourced channel helpdesk can help you deliver value to your clients and build healthy margins for your MSP business.

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